Second short-term financial payment received by workers and families of Rana Plaza

Workers and families who registered for the short-term financial assistance provided by Primark have now received the second support payment, equivalent to a further three months’ salary. Payments were made to 3621 workers and their families via the bKash bank (a BRAC bank company). A further 18 workers who remain in hospital will also receive the payment.

The short-term financial support now covers six months’ wages in total since the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in April. It has been offered to all workers including those who made clothing for Primark’s competitors, while the company continues to work in collaboration with NGOs and trade unions on a long-term compensation framework. Primark has already paid the equivalent of three months’ salary and committed to a second short-term financial payment equivalent to a further three months’ salary as it remained concerned about the length of time it is taking to agree the compensation framework.

To date, Primark will have committed some US$2 million to the food distribution programme and short-term financial support.

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