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Primark Spotlight Meets Aboubakry Seck

Welcome to Primark Spotlight! Our new series shining a light on talented people doing great things around the world.

Author Tamera

Primark Spotlight will be celebrating talented people who inspire us around the globe. We'll be shining a light on our new friends via our IGTV, so make sure you follow us on Primark Instagram. Our first Spotlight is on 27 year-old Senegalese longboarder Aboubakry Seck, who currently lives in Paris, France. Get to know more about the amazing Aboubakry below...

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Aboubakry became Longboarding World Champ in 2018 and World Vice Champ in 2019 (amazing, right?). When we asked him how it felt to win, he said "It's a strange feeling. It's like your hard work over the years has been finally approved and you're officially recognized for what you do. I felt really touched but also really grateful." Aboubakry said over the past 6 years he’s sought inspiration from riders around the globe, including France, Korea, China and Brazil. But his number one inspiration? Pro longboarder Lotfi Lamaali from France.

For Aboubakry, longboarding is about more than just winning, it’s about how it makes him feel: "I feel free and like the happiest man on earth. Longboarding has been my main passion for the last few years. For me it’s like a light bulb. It's only fun and joy." Sounds like a pretty great feeling to us... Keep posted on Aboubakry’s longboarding journey on his Instagram. (We know we will.)