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Andrew Fitzsimons X Primark

We’ve teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons to bring you an exclusive collection of hair tools and products that’ll turn every day into a great hair day. He's the man behind the world’s most glamourous tresses! So we’ve bottled Andrew’s magic touch to bring you essential haircare and mane-taming tools that’ll let you get locks like the A-list without breaking the bank.

Andre Fitzsimons

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With over 15 years experience as a hairstylist, it’s no surprise Andrew’s talents are in demand – he’s on speed dial for a whole host of celeb clients like the Kardashians. "People often ask me how they can create the looks I deliver for my clients at an affordable price point, and this collection does just that." says Andrew. Scroll to check out the full collection!

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Choose from our Repair, Shine and Volume shampoo and conditioner duos, depending on your hair type. Give your mane some TLC with our luxe conditioning hair masks, perfect for a weekend pamper sesh.

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Make sure your dressing table looks chic AF with our logo accessories and brushes. Our no-mark hair clips are a must-have: perfect for pinning your just-done 'do out of the way while you apply makeup, with zero kinks afterwards.

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