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Diamond Frost

Channel your inner ice queen this party season with our new Diamond Frost beauty collection. Want to create a festive look without adding glitter? Our frosted shimmery shades are the answer: apply them on eyes, lips and cheekbones for a finish that’ll dazzle the dance floor.

Diamond Frost Beauty Collection
Lipstick ornament $4.50, lip gloss and lipstick set $6, Lip Vault $14, lip care collection $6

Beauty Gifts

Buying for a beauty obsessive? They’ll love our liquid lipstick and lip gloss sets, with a range of shades for them to experiment with. Our lip care gift is a perfect present too: with a lush lip scrub and sweet raspberry and vanilla lip balms, it's ideal for nourishing a chapped pout. Forget the basic baubles! No beauty queen’s Christmas tree would be complete without our lipstick tree ornament (we’re tempted to treat ourselves too: 'tis the season...!).

Diamond Frost beauty tools
Paddle brush $5, vanity case $18, jeweled compact mirror $3, blender sponge set $3, brush set $9

Beauty Tools

Transform your vanity with our collection of pretty pink tools and accessories. From hairbrushes to nail files, we have it covered. Our bejeweled compact mirror is a must-have for bling fans: it adds instant sass to your makeup routine.

Diamond Frost Beauty
Diamond Frost Beauty
Liquid glitter eyeshadows $4.50 each
Diamond Frost Beauty
Diamond Frost Beauty
Highlighter $4.50
Diamond Frost Beauty Diamond Frost Beauty Diamond Frost Beauty