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DIY with Beauty Coup

Check out our newest collection of innovative products and tools to create salon-quality results at home.

Preening's a big part of our self-care routines. So we’ve had to think smart over the last year and upgrade our DIY beauty skills, making sure our effortlessly-polished vibe and #iwokeuplikethis attitude to video calls didn’t lapse.

Keep up with the affordable at-home beauty game with our new Beauty Coup collection of salon-quality products and tools you can use yourself, no experience needed.

Beauty Coup Top Coat Gel Polish $X, Beauty Coup Base Coat Gel Polish $X, Beauty Coup Color Gel Polish $X, Beauty Coup Gel Polish Starter Kit $X, Beauty Coup Gel Polish Lamp $X

The Beauty Coup collection features vegan lash, brow and nail formulas in recycled packaging to enhance your natural beauty (meaning makeup is even more optional).

Eyelashes & Eyebrow Preening

brow tint kit
Beauty Coup Brow Tint $X

Give your brows definition with The Beauty Coup permanent Brow Tint. Available in three shades and great with all skin tones, it develops in just five minutes and results last for up to six weeks.

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Beauty Coup Pre-Glued Lashes $X, Beauty Coup Cashmere Hybrid Lashes $X, Beauty Coup Magnetic Faux Mink Lashes and Liner $X

Your lashes can have a glow-up with our Permanent Tint and Enhancing Serum, giving you wide-awake eyes with zero mascara. With an innovative blend of natural active ingredients, it strengthens and nourishes lashes, making them up to 45% longer in just eight weeks.

Go a glam level higher with the Beauty Coup vegan and cruelty-free faux lashes, including pre-glued or magnetic liner styles, from Faux Mink to the softer Cashmere Blend.

Gel Nails At Home

Gel nail
Beauty Coup Top Coat Gel Polish $X, Beauty Coup Base Coat Gel Polish $X, Beauty Coup Color Gel Polish $X

The Beauty Coup starter gel nail kit is a real hero. With light pink, classic red and nude polishes included, it covers all the bases for hands and feet for two weeks of smudge-, scratch- and damage-free wear in four simple steps. Add to your color collection: pick from our 25 luxe shades.

You’ll find the Beauty Coup collection in selected stores.