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Mask-Friendly Makeup

Masks are here to stay (at least for a while) – and they're set to become summer's hottest accessory. So for all you makeup fans: it's time to move from statement lips and contoured cheeks to creating high-impact eye looks to sport over a mask.

Just because you're covering up doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! After so much time stuck home with minimal makeup, we are SO ready to go for a new look... Read on for three mask-friendly makeup ideas, perfect for expressing yourself while sticking to the rules.


face mask image 1


For the adventurous, wearing a mask is a chance to totally amp up your eye makeup game. Go whimsical with a shimmering rainbow look like Ailbhe, playing with those high-color eyeshadow palettes you usually shy away from. Add glitter or gems for a festival-inspired take.

Bold Color

mask image 2


Lipstick lover? Swap your usual bold pink pout for a statement colorful eye look instead. Usually go for a neutral eye? Now’s the time to have fun branching out with new shades! Try summer brights like turquoise and coral or play with pastels for a pretty, subtle vibe. Go for colors that complement or match your face covering for a totally RN style statement.

Graphic Liner and Lashes

Influencer image 3


Listen up lash lovers! It’s time for your fave faux fronds to have their moment in the sun. The new basic face look is all about lashes and liner – so if you’re looking for simple style, liner and faux lashes are your best friends. Black liner makes your peepers pop, so try a new shape to mix it up.