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Top Lip Care Hacks

Half of our faces may be hidden by masks, but that doesn't mean our lips don't deserve some TLC. Give your poor pouters a break from winter's worst, and leave them soft and luscious with a little help from our lip care guide.

We all deserve soft, hydrated lips – and there’s nothing more irritating than when they’re sore and dry. Plus, soft lips make the best base for your fave lipstick, even if it's just for a glam Zoom look. Check off your essential lip care list with our top hacks, below.

Time To Exfoliate

Need to stop chapped lips? Lip scrubs are the way to go. Pick up a lip exfoliator or create your own by mixing honey, oil and sugar, applying to your lips in a circular motion and rinsing with warm water. Be careful not to over-exfoliate: start with once a week and increase to a max of three times if needed.


How To Hydrate

Like a glossy as well as hydrated look? Lip oils are the perfect alternative to gloss while maintaining the same iconic finish. To keep your lips their moisturized best, also use an SPF lip balm to protect them from the sun's rays (yep, even in winter). As always, stay topped up with water throughout the day: it’s so important to hydrate yourself from the inside out.


What To Avoid

Try to avoid biting and picking at your lips: not only does it spread bacteria, it will irritate them, too. And as tempting as it is when your lips are dry, don’t lick them – it’ll leave them drier than before. Instead, keep those trusty lip balms nearby. Why not pick up a couple of extra ones so you always have one handy? Think lip balms in your room, bag or coat pocket...