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10 Instagram Accounts To Cheer Up Your Feed

With a lot of doom and gloom in the news and a sharp increase in scrolling time, we wanted to let you know about some of our favorite Instagram accounts to help cheer up your feed. Get ready to Awww! at dressed-up doggos, join live club nights and read feel-good stories from around the world. Your Insta feed will be THE place to be...

Our Fave Instagram Accounts

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1. @Dogsworkingfromhome

One of the best things about working from home? Your new fluffy coworkers (even if they’re kind of slobs and need frequent breaks...)! They might be sick of us always being around now, but we’re loving having extra cuddles with them. So if you’re a pup lover then this account is for you! Follow to see some doggos hard(ish) at work.

2. @The_Happy_Broadcast

They describe themselves as anxiety-free news, a platform created to project positive thoughts and information from around the world. They’ve even introduced Coronavirus editions focused on positive news about this difficult time, from kids putting rainbows on windows to people singing from balconies.

3. @Domandink

Illustrator and author Dom provides the perfect pics and quotes and to brighten your (and your squad's) day. His positive illustrations are all about uplifting yourself and the people around you, which is exactly what we need right now (and every day afterwards).

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4. @Cozyhomeshots

Hands up who's design obsessed! This Insta account is packed with tranquil home vibes to fill your feed. It’s not just super calming to scroll through, but a great way to get some inspo on "how to make your home a tidy, calm, and aesthetically pleasing space."

5. @Tussenkunstenquarantaine

You’ll find some hilarious and pretty impressive attempts of people recreating famous art on this account. Got time on your hands? Get involved! Send in your own attempt using props you’ve found around your pad.

6. @Dnice

Derrick Jones, better known as D-Nice, is a famed musician and DJ who's been throwing parties on his Instagram live. Now known as Club Quarantine, this event attended by over 160,000 people across the globe has included celebrity partygoers from Rihanna to Michelle Obama. He’s also released a Spotify playlist for those of you who want to keeping rockin' 'til late.

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7. @Tinychef

Get ready to watch the worlds tiniest cooking show. This charming tiny green guy serves up delicious dishes from his equally tiny kitchen. It's sweet and funny--and you'll be addicted before you know it. You can even draw some pics with the kids of our fave little chef for Fan Art Friday: you might even get a review from Chef himself!

8. @Natgeo

Follow the National Geographic account for stunning photography of our world, from the plants and people to the animals that inhabit it. If there’s a perfect moment to sit back and appreciate the earth it’s now, and Natgeo provides beautiful imagery and intriguing facts about it. Want to learn more? They also have a wildlife series you can catch on their IGTV.

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9. @Etheltheglamourtort

This Instagram's the home of a glamorous tortoise named Ethel – we know, amazing right? Follow Ethel and her parents for an endless stream of cute photos and matching looks. This might just be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. It’s the Insta account you didn’t know you needed!

10. @HumansofNY

They aren’t strolling the streets of The Big Apple for pics of strangers at the moment, but Humans Of New York are still sharing stories from around the globe under the hashtag #Quarantinestories. Follow for touching tales to make you smile (or even shed a tear or two). You can even submit one of your own!