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5 Quick Ways To Spruce Up Your Space

There’s nothing like spending extra time in your home to inspire you to redecorate, or start thinking about making changes to your bedrooms, desks and other fave spaces. Now's the perfect time to embrace new seasons and decor styles, welcome in natural light and refresh our home offices. We’ve found five ways you can spruce up your space without leaving the house or buying new pieces. Read on to find out more!

Five Ways To Refresh Your Rooms

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Rearrange Home Accessories

Small changes are often just as effective as repainting or knocking down walls. So keep it simple and focus on mastering your home accessories. Take stock of all your decorative pieces, and use them to revive empty table tops and shelves. Stacks of books look great on side tables: pop a filled fruit bowl on top, or use them as a base for that vase you haven’t found a home for. Trinket dishes make pretty decorative jewelry trays, and you can also use them as a safe space to store your keys.

Create Wall Art

Fed up of looking at empty walls? Live in a rented space? Wall art is the answer. Use your spare time to frame prints and illustrations, or dig out old photographs that deserve to be seen. You could even turn it into an art project for the family: the kids will love to see their artwork take pride of place, so frame their coloring creations for a fun activity (you can always replace them at a later date)!

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No Home Office?

If you're working from a makeshift office space, quirky Zoom backgrounds are the perfect way to disguise the fact that you’re actually perching on the corner of your bed. Just download a snazzy image from Google, then click "virtual background" when in a Zoom meeting. Upload your desired image, and voila! We’ll be joining video calls from the Versace palace from now on – and no one will spot the pile of dishes behind us!

Add Greenery

Bring the outdoors in: gather up some greenery on your adventures outside. Whether it’s a weekly walk around the park or just an afternoon in your backyard, use the time to pick up some of nature's decor for your space. Faux plants are a foolproof solution too: make sure any you have are moved to your desk in plain sight, rather than hidden away.

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Swap Cushions and Throws

A switch up can transform living and sleeping spaces. So while you might have originally bought accents to go with a certain color scheme, now's the time to mix it up. Changing colorful cushions from one room to another can quickly change the overall look and feel. Get out any unused cozy or printed throws and drape them over chairs and beds for new splashes of color and pattern.