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There are all kinds of little lifestyle changes we can all make that will make a big difference to the planet. Read on for our tips for caring for your clothes and the environment, too.


Most clothes (other than undies and socks of course) don’t need washing after every wear. Use your eyes (and nose!) to figure out which pieces truly need refreshing.


Love your products for longer: transform them into something new and give them a second life. Read our DIY Denim guide! Got fave old jeans to revive, or want to turn an old tee or socks into a handy face covering? You can do it with our step-by-steps.

30 IS THE NEW 40

Plenty of our products can be washed just fine at 90 degrees. Plus, using a lower temperature for your washing cycle is better for the planet – and your pocket!


Dryers use up lots of energy and put extra wear on your clothes. So whenever you can, line dry your laundry.