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Conquer Clutter

If ever there was a time to organize your home, the start of the new decade is it! Not a natural neat freak? Don't panic. Our latest Homeware collection has cool storage solutions: stock up and you’ll have a place for everything…

Calm Home image 3
3-pack white rope baskets $9

Let’s face it: it’s tough to feel truly relaxed when your space is chaotic, whether it's your bedroom, office or living room. The start of a new year is the perfect time to turn chaos into calm, getting organized and making way for decorative pieces that bring you joy.

While conquering clutter might seem like a never ending job, our smart storage boxes and baskets will make it a little more bearable. Use them all over the house to organize things that don't have a home. In on-trend colors, there's a set out there to match your decor. You can also try our woven baskets: perfect for filling empty shelves and bookcases.

Calm Home image 2
Medium woven boxes $7 each, small woven storage boxes $3 each, blue square storage box $4, gray square storage box $4
Calm Home image 5
Gray square pillow $10
Calm Home image 6
Calm Home image 7
Striped satin cushion $7
Calm Home image 8
Clean cotton diffuser $4.50