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How To Celebrate An Isolation Birthday

Celebrations and social distancing don’t exactly go hand in hand. So unless you’re officially postponing your birthday, lots of you spring/summer babies will be spending their big day in quarantine. Even if you're the don't-make-a-big-fuss type, spending it isolating isn't exactly the best thing for morale. Read on for hacks on how to make a shut-in birthday more bearable.

The Essential Guide: A Lockdown Birthday

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Breakfast In Bed

Hit snooze and treat yourself to some extra blissful sleep (I mean, it’s not like you have to run anywhere...). Quarantined with housemates or the fam? Drop a hint that you'd loooove breakfast in bed. Not catching on? Make sure your pre-birthday supermarket run's full of your fave brunch treats, then serve 'em up yourself!

Screen Time With Friends

Thanks to great tech, it's easy to get your buds together for some (virtual) face-to-face time. So if you're not too thrilled about spending a birthday alone, send a digital invite for a Zoom or House Party call. Stock up on your fave snacks and drinks for the day, and enjoy! Birthday not for a while? Think about friends with one coming up and arrange an online surprise party. It can get awks (or even annoying) hanging out via video (like lots of interrupting each other). So add some socializing structure and put together a fun quiz or a game.

Dinner Party

Usually have a birthday dinner out at your fave restaurant? Recreate it at home! Set the table and get out the fancy cookware. Play some ambience-enhancing tunes for real restaurant feels. If you can't get out for ingredients or just aren’t an amazing cook, check online for local restaurants offering lockdown delivery.

Cut The Cake

Every birthday needs cake! There's no excuse for not putting your baking skills to the test: you have tons more free time to play with. Rather not risk it? Pick up a plain cake when you shop, and use your fave sweet treats, melted chocolate and icing to decorate it. It's a fun way to pass the time, and you'll end up with a perfectly personalized party-for-one treat!

Shake It Off

It’s totally normal to feel a little anxious about spending your birthday without friends and family. One of the best kinds of therapy: dancing. Put together a birthday playlist to get you through the day. Other ideas: tune in to a live-streamed DJ set, or get working on that Tik Tok routine!