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How To Deep Clean Your Beauty Kit

Since the COVID-19 crisis started, frequent and thorough handwashing has become normal. But now it’s time to pay attention to cleaning the cosmetics and beauty tools we use every day. Okay, we all know that the brushes, blenders and cosmetics we use daily should be cleaned regularly (especially as they come into contact with our faces over and over). But how often do you take the time to truly deep clean your tools and sanitize used cosmetics? Check out our guide below for handy hacks and advice.

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Washing Makeup Brushes and Blenders

Daily grime from dirty makeup brushes and blenders can cause irritation and breakouts. Can't tell what your original brush color was? Then it's definitely time to clean! Fortunately you can wash brushes and blenders the same way you wash your hands: with simple antibacterial soap and water. For blending sponges, soak in warm water and soap and then squeeze and repeat until your sponge is back to its original color. For brushes, after soaking in water and soap, brush them across an old towel to remove buildup. Leave both out until dry. That's it!

Watch our video tutorial below:

Sanitizing Makeup Palettes and Pencils

Basic rubbing alcohol is the key to sanitizing your makeup palettes. Pour some into a spray bottle and use it to spritz over your eyeshadows and highlighter compacts. Just wait until they're dry before you use them. Eyeliner and eyebrow pencils can be cleaned in the same way, using a spray of rubbing alcohol on a clean tissue.

Best-By Dates

Cleaning your makeup and tools is great, but it’s also key to make sure the products you’re using are still good. Most cosmetics have best-before dates after opening; although they'll vary depending on climate and how your store your makeup, we’ve outlined the basics below:

Eyeliners and Mascaras: Replace 3-6 months after opening

Cream and Liquid products (foundations, concealers, blushes): 6 months to 1 year after opening

Powder products (bronzers, highlighters and blushes): 2-3 years after opening

Lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils: 2-3 years after opening

Always check your product's packaging for guidance. But in general, if a product begins to change in texture or smell funny, it’s time to replace it.