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Keeping Up Your Beauty Routine At Home

Even though you don't have a full social calendar coming up, none of us wants to come out of isolation looking...less than great. But just because your fave salons are closed doesn’t mean you have to let go of your personal care altogether. In fact, giving yourself time to focus on some pampering self-care might be exactly what you need. Read on for our handy guide to at-home beauty treatment tricks that’ll make you feel your best.

At-Home Beauty Hacks

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Time For A Trim?

Need a trim? A whole new post-isolation look? Probably better to wait to get back to your stylist. But in the meantime, you can focus on taking the best care of your tresses so your locks are in optimum condition. Indulge in nourishing hair masks and oils, especially if you’d usually be in a hurry to wash them off before it's time. Grown-out bangs can be annoying. But instead of reaching for the scissors, think about trying clips and slides: hair accessories are huge, and the trend won’t be going anywhere next season!

Cover Up Roots

No one pre-planned for quarantine, so it’s pretty likely a lot of us were overdue for a color appointment. There's always embracing an ombré vibe... Can't stand visible roots? Watch our handy tutorial on at-home root touchups.


Tame Unruly Brows

Your brows are key for framing your face. Usually leave tinting and tweezing to the experts? Then they’ll probably be getting unruly during social distancing. You have the basics you need for a cleanup at home: basic tweezers can do wonders (just don't get carried away). Watch our tutorial for a how-to on taming your brows.


At Home Manis

If you’re working from home then unsightly claws are hard to miss when typing away. The good news? Nails are easily fixed. A simple at-home mani is a quick solution. A nail file and cuticle stick are essential: file your nails into your preferred shape, and soak your hands in warm water before gently pushing your cuticles back. Then grab polish in your current fave color and paint away! Now's also the perfect time to try a color you’d usually shy away from. If work doesn’t usually encourage a bright shade, use this time to experiment.

It’s important to set realistic expectations for at-home treatments: your manicurist has had years of training, so give yourself a break and don’t expect the same results!

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