Mickey decorations

Your Christmas Decorations Checklist from $1

Grab your ornaments, tree decorations, wreaths, plush toys and string lights from as little as $1 for a big, warm festive season welcome. Scroll down for festive finds….

Christmas Tree Trinkets

Christmas decorations
Red Present Tree Decoration $1, Candy Cane Tree Decoration $1, Steam Train Tree Decoration $1, Snowman Tree Decoration $1

Whether your little ones get free reign over the tree or you’re a self-confessed Monica Geller tree-turner, spruce up your festive fun with our adorable tree ornaments. From snowmen to Santa, presents to candy canes, we have all the ornaments you’ll need for a tree to turn heads.

LED Christmas Lights

Christmas lights
500 LED Lights $14

No Christmas decoration shopping list is complete without the lights. So whether they’re ready to be wrapped around your tree, zig-zagged along the stairs or adorning your doors and windows, stock up on our packs of 500 LED lights. From chic warm white lights to show-stopping multi-colored versions, we have something to light up your house. Can we get a "watt-watt"...?

Christmas Character Ornaments

Christmas ornaments
Disney Minnie Mouse Pink Ornament $8, Disney Mickey Mouse Black Pink Ornament $8, Disney Lilo & Stitch Blue Pink Ornament $8, Disney Winnie The Pooh Red Ornament $8, Disney Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Clear Ornament $8

From the TV to the tree: check out our collection of character ornaments. From bright pops of color to our clear character bubble picks, your trusty tree's the main attraction (whether they’re your mini-me’s fave faces or all about your own nostalgia).

Ho-ho-ho-worthy House Decor

Christmas plush
Small Plush Gingerbread Man Hanging Decoration $4.50, Medium Plush Gingerbread Man Hanging Decoration $18, Large Plush Gingerbread Man Hanging Decoration $30, Small Plush Reindeer Hanging Decoration $4.50, Large Plush Reindeer Hanging Decoration $30

So that's your tree and lights taken care of. Now to sprinkle some festive friends around the house... Snap up our super-soft plush toys for your little ones and give 'em the perfect cuddle buddy for those mammoth Christmas movie marathons. For the living room, we have a wide variety of snowmen, gingerbread and reindeer toys and Disney-bedecked wreaths, perfect for directing the guy in the red suit to your front door or fireplace…