Minimalist shelf with plants, vases and basket

Your Mantlescaping Masterclass

Mantlescaping is the new tablescaping (you heard it here first). Scroll for inspiration on curating your shelves, mantlepieces and more…

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Bex Gillam

We’ve perfected the art of alfresco sunny-climate spreads. Now we're moving on to curating mantlepieces and shelves for calming vibes in our living spaces. Just using our affordable homeware collection, you can create practical, pared-down interiors with smart storage solutions, minimalist details and stress-free style. House proud? Absolutely.

Side Table Style

Minimalist shelf with plants, vases and basket


Create a visually interesting space with bold but simple decor: contrast textures and natural elements like cork-lidded candles and rattan vases. Dried flowers and faux plants bring the outdoors in without weekly watering, while woven baskets add useful storage to the ‘Grammable look.

Carefully Curated Shelves

Minimalist shelving decorated with vases and rattan plant stand


Get an understated, minimalist look on a budget: use a palette of mixed whites with a curated edit of decorative vases, rattan storage, waffle throws and woven baskets. Less-is-more is the MO for shelf and coffee table accessorizing: it provides focal points without spoiling the airy atmosphere.

A Mantle Masterpiece

Fireplace with candles, mirror and vases


This relaxed, rustic look creates calm vibes with warm neutrals and organic materials. And the artistic ceramics and playful shapes give it a modern edge. An effortlessly luxe addition, candles make a space feel welcoming and cozy without clutter.