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10 Kids' Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Summer style should be easy and breezy, with lots of color, fun prints and comfy clothes so your kids can run free and splash around. Make sure your little one’s summer gets off to an on-trend start with all their easy-to-grab essentials in their closets. Scroll down to check out our must-have checklist for the season.

Kids' summer must-haves moodboard

Swimsuits And Shorts

Baby pools or beaches: where there’s water on a hot day your little one will want to splash around! Whether you’re staying home or driving to the beach, make sure you have their swimsuits and shorts ready.

Denim Shorts

An obvious pick for a dream summer wardrobe. This summer classic comes back every year: a great way for your kids to look and keep cool. Get the festival-chic look with our crochet denim shorts for both older and younger girls.

Sandals and Slides

One of the best things about sandals? Not having to deal with laces – and you can skip the sand in their shoes! They're the perfect summer slip-ons for beach trips and picnics.

Printed Tees

Summer's all about fun in the sun, from backyard games to bold-color clothes. Now’s the time to whip out their fave tees or restock your kids' closet with a new collection of printed, patterned shirts. Check out our graphic boys' tees for a statement summer look.

Summer Dresses

The flowy summer dress is here to solve all your wardrobe woes. It works whether you need an easy swim coverup or a dependable throw-on for days they want to dress up. It's not just for summer, either: in the fall all she needs is cute tights and a chunky layer.


They're not just adorable, they're practical, too! The perfect look for family crafts or playing in the backyard sun.


A good hat collection will last you all year! This summer, grab the bucket hats and caps to protect your little ones when playing or lounging in the sun.

Sneakers & Slip-Ons

Heading out for the day? Grab those slip-ons and sneaks. You should have supportive shoes on hand (or foot) all year round, especially for family sports!


Now's the time to add some fun accessories to their wardrobes. Colorful sunglasses are a fun way to keep them safe in the sun.


At the end of the day, nothing feels better than slipping into fresh new PJs! Make your kids' bedtime just as fun as daytime with our kids' sleepwear..