Model wearing black padded jacket with brown hood

Back To School: Outerwear Options

Check out our huge collection of kids' outerwear, and make sure their outer layer looks as great as the everyday looks underneath.

Kerry Martin
Kerry Martin

Be honest: the "school jacket" is kind of an afterthought in the big Back To School Shop, right? With fresh school clothes or uniforms, school shoes and supplies and a backpack on the list, it’s understandable. We're here to help!

Playground Puffers

Model wearing pink belted puffer jacket
Older Girl Light Pink Belted Puffer Jacket $28

The king of its comfy competitors? The puffer jacket. Its thick, padded fabric and simple design make it a sure winner with your little one.

Model wearing navy polka dot hooded puffer
Younger Girl Navy Polka Dot Hooded Puffer $21

Spruce up their puffer collection with one of ours. Featuring faux fur hoods and fleece inner linings to keep the wind and rain out, plus multiple zipper and snap pockets for their gloves and hats.

Model wearing black padded jacket with brown faux fur hood
Older Girl Black Padded Jacket with Brown Faux Fur Hood $28

The Perfect Parka

Model wearing gray and black camo parka with faux fur hood
Younger Boy Gray and Black Camo Parka Coat with Faux Fur Hood $26

Thickly padded puffers not your little one’s fave? We have the perfect lighter pick, bridging the gap between puffer and jacket. Hellooo, parka... It's a classic that never goes out of style. We know you have one in your closet, so why not invest in one for your mini-me? Its light but durable fabric keeps 'em warm without an ‘I wanna take it off’ tantrum... Win. The perfect add to their wardrobe for both school and playtime.

Lunchtime Layers

Model wearing black windbreaker
Younger Boy Black Windbreaker Coat with Brown Faux Fur Hood and White Diagonal Line Logo Detail $19

Got a little one who thinks all they need for school is a hoodie ("I'm just running around all day...!")? We have your coat-shaped answer: our vests and jackets. When the season starts to change and pickups and the playground feel the chill, go for our vests or jackets to layer over a hoodie or sweatshirt. They're a cozy, non-restrictive pick to check off both their list and yours.