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D.R.E.A.M.Y. Collection

Calling all Siwanatorz! This new collection is guaranteed to leave you living the dream like a candy queen. We've completely gone for the sequin trend and used pink as our magic color. Bedazzle everyone: step out in spotted glitter sneaks with Siwa-worthy sparkles and bows. Or razzle and dazzle with the "Dance It Out" top, brushed sequin skirt and matching jacket – amaze! From glossy slides and shades to backpacks with gigantic sequined bows, you’ll be shimmying and shaking in Siwa style every day.

JoJo Siwa GIF
Sequin top US $14
JoJo Siwa sweatshirt
JoJo Siwa sweatshirt $16
JoJo Siwa outfit
JoJo Siwa bomber jacket $24, JoJo Siwa skirt $16
JoJo Siwa undershirt
JoJo Siwa undershirt $10
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