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Fall for Coziness

Kids will be kids. They’ll still run around playing tag and whooshing down slides, whatever the weather. The best way to keep ‘em wrapped up warm for back-to-school this fall? In our outerwear, now with new and cozier linings. Where there’s kids… there’s mess. Never fear! Our comfy coats are also machine washable, to make your life a little easier 😉. When the seasons change, your kiddos need to be prepped for the weather: so we’ve made sure our outerwear has storm cuffs to keep out the rain and wind. Plus, we’ve added reflective details so they can be seen and stay safe. So whether they’re grabbing denim jackets or puffers, they’ll be ready for everything!

Two kids wearing a denim jacket and coat
Denim jacket $22, yellow check shirt $8, black jeans $15, olive knit sneakers $16, padded jacket $28, denim skirt $9
Child in an olive puffer jacket
Padded jacket $28
Child in a denim jacket and yellow shirt
Child wearing an olive jacket, flannel shirt and jeans
Olive parka $29, check shirt $8, jeans $15, white sneakers $15
Child in a denim jacket and yellow flannel shirt