Model wearing Marvel top

Marvel Must-Haves For Your Mini Me

Suit up your kids in our latest Marvel kids' collection, so they can conquer daily life with the help of their superhero sidekicks.

Kerry Martin
Kerry Martin

We can’t promise your little one a real-life superhero costume with shields and hammers—but we can give you the next best thing...

Assemble Your Looks

Model wearing Blue Crew Neck Short Sleeve Marvel Thor T-Shirt
Younger Kids' White Crew Neck Short Sleeve Marvel Hulk T-Shirt $8, Younger Kids' Black and White Hooded Zipped Jacket $16

Let your littles pick their heroes and armor up with one of our logo tees or sweatshirts. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk? Style with jeans for a cooler pledge of allegiance, or wear with our joggers while you both binge-watch the movies for the hundredth time (we feel you).

Model wearing Marvel Black Panther Short Sleeve Black T-Shirt
Older Kids' Marvel Black Panther Short Sleeve Black T-Shirt $10

Shield your mini-me from the weather with our outerwear. For optimum rain resistance, double the layers: style our puffer jacket and hoodie with pants or jeans and sneaks for a hero-worthy look.

Model wearing Red Crew Neck Short Sleeve Marvel Iron Man T-Shirt
Younger Kids' Red and Black Ombré Spider Man Puffer Jacket $24

Sleepwear Superstars

Girl in hooded towel
Spiderman Plush $X

Got a little one who has Marvelmania? Let us make bedtime a little easier for both of you. From bath to bed, we have a Super Hero every step of the way. Our Marvel hooded towels do double duty as capes to navigate their way to their rooms. And our sleepwear, from sleepers to sleeping bags, make winding down from their action-packed day a breeze.

Captain America towel
Captain America Hooded Throw $X

Stationery Smashes

Red and White Marvel Phone Case
Red and White Marvel Phone Case $4.50

We have your Marvel classic stationery essentials covered. Serious Marvel fan? Level up your loyalty and add our wall art, phone accessories and plush toys to your collection, too. Featuring Hulk, Iron Man and even good old Groot, branch out from your everyday desk must-haves.

Marvel Spiderman 10 Color Pen $X, 3 Pack Marvel Notebooks $3, 4 Pack Marvel Pens $4
Model wearing Red Short Sleeve Marvel Back Print T-Shirt - Front
Older Kids' Red Short Sleeve Marvel Back Print T-Shirt $9