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Badge of Honor

This crested collection is giving us serious college throwback vibes – alumni or not, these preppy pieces are great for achieving the look. Think casual cool: try sporting our statement striped set instead of boring basics. Or mix and match them with dark denim and solid tees. Pair with your trusty sneaks and you’re good to go.

Male in striped shorts and T-shirt
Striped T-shirt $12, striped shorts $14
GIF of man wearing fanny pack
Crest T-shirt $12
Male in shorts and T-shirt
Crest T-shirt $12, shorts $14
Model wearing fanny pack
Ripped denim shorts $21
Model wearing slogan T-shirt
T-shirt $12
Model in Primark outfit
Jacket $18, sneakers $21
GIF of male in Primark clothes
White sneakers $21
Model in T-shirt
Model at night in striped outfit
Model in crest outfit
Male in striped T-shirt
Model in crest T-shirt
Close up of model