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Kem’s Top 3 Summer Looks

Kem’s new collection is in stores now, and he has a look for every summer event. Need some inspo after spending lockdown in your loungewear? Then keep scrolling, take notes, and head into the store to treat yourself to this hot collection.

Be Brunch-Ready

Kem white shirt and navy pants

Brunch is now an event to dress up for (even if just in the backyard). Whether you’re a guest or the host, you don't have to stress about how to dress – because Kem’s collection is about to make your day a lot easier. Try his white zip‐up polo paired with navy shorts for hot summer days.

Staycation In Style

Kem pinstripe tracksuit

This pinstripe tracksuit's the perfect thing for a chill weekend. Heading to another town? Or just chillaxing at home for a long weekend? Either way, you deserve something new to lounge, travel, and (of course) look fly in. Your new tracksuit will keep you company all year, rain or shine.

A Go‐To BBQ Look

Kem bomber jacket and matching pants

BBQ season's here! But what to wear? That's kinda confusing. Lucky for you Kem’s gray check pants are the perfect smart casj go-to. Dress the look up or down with loafers or sneaks, shirts or tees depending on the event. Good barbecues always go on until late. So make sure you have Kem's matching bomber for chillier nights.