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Lotto X Primark: Athleisure Accessories

Sports-style accessories are in, and aren’t planning on going anywhere soon. So head in-store and pick up these add-on Lotto pieces. Yep: your fave fashion extras have been given a Lotto makeover, from bucket hats to fanny packs.

Lotto image 1
Lotto fanny pack $10, 5-pack white Lotto sport socks $10, 5-pack black Lotto sport socks $10, Lotto black slides $16

Do the socks-and-slides thing? Make sure they match with our Lotto pair that take this iconic duo next-level. Now: we know you love a good man bag. Lucky for you, this collection features two versions to style with your lotto looks. Go crossbody or try an oversized fanny pack: both have roomy front pockets. They'll fit all the essentials you need for running around town. And what’s a sports-themed collection without caps and hats? Yep: the bucket hat is back. And we’ve made it reversible ('cause who doesn’t want two styles in one)?

Lotto image 3
Lotto white slides $16
Lotto image 4
Lotto image 5
Lotto sling bag $13
Lotto image 6
Lotto bucket hat $12
Lotto image 7
Lotto image 8