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Men’s Performance Wear

Become your best, most fit self with our latest Primark Cares performance wear, starting at just $7. Getting in shape has never looked so good.

Author Tamera

Be honest: new gym gear always helps with motivation, right? All you need is a couple of essential pieces to get you to your fitness goals – and we’re here to help. Whether you’re sticking with home workouts or heading out for evening runs or the gym, your dream gear is ready and waiting at Primark. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials (yep, even the sneakers). Cool, right?

Workout Ready?

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Black Short Sleeve T-shirt $7, Black Leggings $12

Go for what makes you feel comfier: our streamlined leggings or double layer shorts. We also have long sleeve zip hoodie tees, so you can layer it up. We're loving the hit of orange in this season's collection, too: it's perfect when you want to add color to your basic black and gray. Don’t forget to grab our famous Primark socks to go with our supportive sneaks, so you can find the right fit for your feet and routine.

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Gray Sneakers $20
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Orange T-Shirt £4/€5/$ NO US/PLN22/CZK105
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Gray Tracksuit Joggers $18, Gray Tracksuit Hoodie $20, White Sneakers $20
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Gray Long Sleeve Zip Top, $14
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