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5 Simple At-Home Workouts

We know it can be hard to find motivation to work out at home (the TV is Right. There....). So our hacks will help you stay active and motivated while social distancing and working from home. Get ready to inject healthier habits into your daily routine!

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1. Meditation & Yoga

Yoga and meditation: the perfect way to start the day. Remember, working out isn’t just for your body. Use this time to refocus and regain control of your mind, too. Pay attention to your breathing and movements, Notonly will you have improved concentration, but you’ll feel calmer, too.

2. Use Household Items

You don’t need tons of gym equipment to have an effective workout. Just use household items to up the fitness ante. Hack: flour isn’t just for baking! Transform bag of the stuff into weights for squats. Really fit? You can even put a few into a strong plastic bag. If squats aren't your vibe, try using your chair for tricep dips and ab twists.

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3. Get The Kids Involved

Ever look at your kids and think, "I wish I had your energy...."? Trust us: they’re the personal trainers you’ve been missing. Having a workout buddy is always fun, so why not collab with the kids? Got a little one? Use 'em as weights! Are they moving 24/7? A fun dance routine's a great way to let off some steam (and wear them out).

4. Go For A Run

One of the best ways to clear your mind is to go for a walk or run. That doesn’t mean you have to sprint around the park. Take it at your own pace. Stroll and listen to chirping birds, speed walk to pumped-up songs or just jog and breathe in the fresh air.

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5. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube has workouts for muscles you didn’t even know you had. Anybody, of any ability and age, can find a fitness plan that works for them. From cardio to targeting specific areas, you’ll find what you need in seconds. Why not start with our "whisper workout" with fitness expert Alice Liveing? This simple routine will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and nicely stretched out.