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Bag Of Tricks

The iconic Primark bag can be used for more than just storing goodies... Check out how to create DIY accessories using the paper bags from your latest Primark haul.

Photography by RANKIN

Author Tamera

Searching for an easy activity to do as a family? Look no further! It’s time to get creative with your little ones using our classic Primark paper bags, 100% recyclable and made with recycled materials. Yes! You can upcycle our bags by creating a variety of decorations and accessories. Just follow the simple steps we’ve listed below. Don’t forget to recycle any leftover scraps! Have fun!


Crown 1
Crown 2
Crown 3
  1. Time to make some crowns fit for royalty. Starting from the edge of your Primark bag, sketch out the crown design of your choice.

  2. Now it’s time to draw on some royal jewels and add a splash of color! Once your mini me has finished their design, you can cut out the crown.

  3. Is your crown on the big side? Just cut in half and make two crowns out of one bag, measuring around your little king or queen’s head and securing with some tape. Now they're ready for the royal ball!

Animal Masks

Masks 1
Masks 2
Masks 3
  1. Using a Primark bag, draw and cut out an outline of an animal face of your choice: we went with a fox, owl and bear, three adorable animals that are easy to draw!

  2. Turn your mask around so the inside plain Primark bag becomes the front of your mask. Draw on circles or almond shapes for eyes and cut out.

  3. Now for the best part – decorating! Get creative with pens and paint to bring your mask to life.

  4. Make a small hole on one side of the mask using a pin, then thread some string through it. Next, make a knot to secure the string in place. Repeat on the other side, using the same piece of string for one continuous thread. Voilà! Your animal mask is ready to wear.


Butterfly 1
Butterfly 2
Butterfly 3
  1. Start by using a ruler to draw a square on your Primark bag, measuring about 8.5 in on each side, then cut it out.

  2. Next, fold your square in half and cut across the folded line, making two rectangles. Fold one of your rectangles in half and then open.

  3. Now you need to fold each corner inwards to create triangles.

  4. Working horizontally, fold each side in on itself from the outer edge, creating 3 crinkles on each side.

  5. Next, grab your remaining rectangle and fold it in on itself starting from the smaller edge.

  6. Pinch and fold both pieces inwards.

  7. Place your larger wings on top of the smaller to create a butterfly-like shape, and secure with a string. There you have it: butterflies ready to hang in their rooms or tie in their hair – gorgeous!