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As the sun starts setting earlier and the nights get cooler, we start asking ourselves more and more... “WHAT do I WEAR?!” Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, just give it a refresh with a few key pieces that’ll seamlessly transition from this season to the next. Midi dresses are THE summer-to-winter go-to. Slip on our gorgeous red smock dress: a perfect combo of spring florals with fall color. Layer up with oversized shirts and denim jackets. For extra coziness, go for our fluffy zip-up fleece.

Model on the beach wearing a white denim outfit
White jeans $20, white denim jacket $19, white hiker shoes $18
Model wearing a burgundy shirt on the beach
Red shirt $17
two models on the beach in a dress and denim clothing
Fleece teddy jacket $30, dotted midi dress $21, beige hiker boots $21
Model wearing a white denim jacket and orange sweater
Model wearing a denim dress leaning against a wall
Denim overall dress $17
Polaroids of two models on the beach
Black and white image of a model with the text FW19
model sitting on a chart wearing black jeans and a cream jacket
Dotted top $18, corduroy jacket $25, black jeans $20
model wearing a red floral dress on the beach
two models denim dress
black and white image of model posing outside
Blouse $15, corduroy skirt $15
Headshot of two models