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Christmas Sweater Hacks

Hate buying something you can only wear once a year? Think again! There are plenty of ways you can let your Christmas sweater live on past the big day. Read on to find out more...

Jodie Spragg
Jodie Spragg

We all love the fun of a Christmas sweater, right? Whether you wear yours to the office or spend all December decked out, your fave festive knit doesn’t deserve to be ditched and stashed on New Year's.



Instead of buying new every time, why not invest in a few faves to bring out year after year? Pick one you'll love for years to come and make bringing out your fave knit your Christmas tradition.


If you won’t wear it again, don’t throw it away! Let your pre-loved Christmas sweaters be re-loved: recycle instead!

Christmas Sweaters

Swap & Share

Get a new holiday look for next year with minimum effort and no extra cost: organize a Christmas sweater swap shop with friends or family.


Outgrown your fave holiday number? Donate your unwanted sweater to a charity shop, and let someone else have the fun of finding it on the rails.



Breathe life into your Christmas sweater by transforming it into something new. Got a furry friend? Snip off a sleeve to create a cozy knit just for them: easy-peasy. Hey crafters! Use the fabric to create fun décor, like knitted Christmas tree decorations, pillowcases or totes.