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Concert-Worthy Clothes

Guys… it’s happening! Our new collection has (* mic *) dropped. We have beautiful new cropped sweaters and crew neck tees in soft lilac and subtle shades, perfect for versatile style.

black backpack
Black backpack $16


Babes, you just know it’s all about the accessories. From fanny packs and backpacks to beanies and crisp white caps, we’ve got it all – so you can look poppin’ wherever you're goin'. So whether it's a big concert, lunch out or grabbin' some vacay looks, you’ll have all the threads you need to do it... fabulously. It's a collection everyone will feel good in!**

Black fanny packs
Black fanny pack $12
Purple backpack
Purple backpack $16
Makeup and compact mirror
Compact mirror $2.50
T-shirts, shorts and socks
Socks $4.50
White sneakers and lilac socks
Rack of clothes
Cropped sweater $16, gray T-shirt $12, messenger bag $10
Cropped T-shirt and jeans
Front tie top and jeans
Purple T-shirt $12, white cap $8
Gray tied shirt and denim skirt
Black T-shirt and olive pants
Black T-shirt, $12