Model wears Looney Tunes sweatshirt

Looney Tunes Looks You Need

Listen up, Looney Tunes fans: Casual daytime looks and sleepwear basics never looked so cute! Pastel pops? Your fave characters? And that’s not all folks...

You and your little ones are invited: to be part of the coolest crew in Looney Tunes Land. Snap up Looney Tunes loungewear, Sylvester-approved sets and all the accessories Tweety could flap his feathers at, in-store now.

Model with Tweety Bird tote
Looney Tunes Gray Acid Wash Tee Dress $16, Looney Tunes Tweety Canvas Shopper $6

Looney Tunes Kids' Loungewear

Looking for Looney Tunes loungewear for your littles? Head in store STAT to deck out their daytime wardrobe with graphic tees, hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts. Graffiti-inspired fonts and classic Looney Tunes logos feature throughout the collection, and the neutral colors let your mini-me wear their new fave basics all year long.

Kids wear Looney Tunes sweatshirt and tee
Looney Tunes Younger Child Ivory Sweatshirt $13, Looney Tunes Younger Child Charcoal Print Tee $8, Looney Tunes Younger Child Ivory Joggers $13, 4-Pack Looney Tunes Ankle Socks (Gray & Blue Set) $5

Low-Key Looney Tunes Looks

Wear your fave characters from day to night with our loungewear and sleepwear. Our color block pastel sweatshirt, seam-free cycling shorts set and lilac cropped hoodie and joggers can all be mixed and matched to your heart's content for allll the Looney Tunes looks. Finish with our Tweety high tops and socks for a look that's def not despicable...

Model wears Looney Tunes seamless set, socks and high tops
Looney Tunes Lilac Seam-Free Tank $10, Looney Tunes Lilac Seam-Free Cycling Shorts $10, Looney Tunes 3-Pack Crew Socks $5

Nod off in style with our Looney Tunes sleepwear essentials. Take your pick: our snooze-inducing snuddies, slippers, sets and socks will help you wind down and drift off.

Model in lilac Looney Tunes hoodie and jogger set
Looney Tunes Lilac Cropped Hoodie $16, Looney Tunes Lilac Joggers $16

Looney Tunes Accessories

Love a head-to-toe Looney Tunes Look? Finish yours with our adorable accessories featuring your fave characters. From our Tweety tote and sneaks to our Bugs Bunny gray backpack and sock multipacks, there’s no limit to how many pals you take on the day with.

Model in Looney Tunes high tops and socks
Looney Tunes 4-Pack Ankle Socks (Orange & Gray Set) $5, Looney Tunes High Tops $16

Let Bugs inspire your beauty routine with our Looney Tunes beauty must-haves. Shop your body prep essentials, from exfoliating gloves, microfiber face cloths and hair turbans, to our adorable headband perfect for getting your hair of your face pre-skincare routine. Snap up great beauty buys in store from late August.

Tweety beauty essentials
Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Paddle Brush $4.50, Looney Tunes Hair Turban $5, Looney Tunes Exfoliating Gloves $2.50
Model holds phone with case and wrist strap
Looney Tunes Tweety Headphone Case $4, Looney Tunes Tweety Phone Case $5

Your tech's getting the Tweety treatment, too. Check out our phone and watch accessories including phone cases, watch straps, phone charms and wireless headphone cases.

#Tweety 80

Tweety's having his 80th anniversary in 2022! To celebrate this Looney Tunes favorite, a global campaign of 80 murals will be displayed around the world inspired by Tweety’s cheerful enthusiasm and endearing personality. Follow along with the #Tweety80 hashtag as the works of art are unveiled!

Model in Looney Tunes top, Tweety Bird backpack
Looney Tunes Ivory Oversized Logo Tee $12, Looney Tunes Gray Backpack $18
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