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My Everyday Hero is…

Everyday heroes have lifted spirits around the world during lockdown. We asked the kids from our latest campaign to tell us who their heroes are through words and pictures.

From delivery people to schoolteachers, everyday heroes come in so many forms, and exist all around the world! Their time and energy have made each day a little brighter and our wonderful cast have explained what that has meant to them. They’ve even channelled their inner artists and drawn some illustrations. Keep reading to see what they have to say about their everyday heroes and check out their cool artwork!

Wei Er, age 11

“My everyday heroes are nurses because they help people every day and help save people's lives.”

Kaiden, age 9

“My everyday hero is my best friend because he stops me worrying a lot about lockdown by making me laugh, which makes me happy.”

Abu Bakr, age 5

“My doctor is my hero. He made me better when I was sick.”

Andrada, age 6

“My hero is my Dad because he taught me how to ride a bike”

Huda, age 10

“My everyday hero is my Mom because she makes delicious food for us and she helps me clean up in my room.”

Jack, age 8

“Mom is my hero because she helps me with my work and makes me my favorite food and plays with me whenever I want.”

Daisy, age 9

“The teachers around the world are my superheroes. Thank you.”

Marika, age 4

“Eane is my hero because he has been my lockdown best friend who makes me laugh in school all the time.”

Daniella, age 5

“I think my friends are heroes because we have been together at school all the way through the thing that happened - and we’ve had fun all day.”

Zara, age 5

“My hero is Mommy. She will rescue me from all the germs.”

Lyla, age 7

“My Mom is my hero because she has been taking care of me and my new baby sister at home."

Alexsia, age 11

“My Mom works in a store that supplies food and water. My Dad supplies water to hospitals. He is my everyday hero and so is my Mom.”

Keehan, age 11

“Marcus Rashford is my hero because he campaigned for free school meals (here in the UK).”

Dillon, age 9

“My everyday hero is my Dad because he likes football and has helped me with my work all the way through lockdown.”

Ellie, age 6

“Cleaners are heroes because they clean places like schools and hospitals so there are no germs. If we didn’t have them we would have germs.”

Layton, age 6

“My everyday hero is Dad because he buys my food. My Dad works very hard.”

Neveah, age 5

“Mrs. Long and all my teachers are the heroes because they take really good care of us in school and make sure we are always safe.”

Mihajlo, age 6

“Doctors have saved thousands of lives while this thing has been going on. They risked their lives. They are my everyday heroes.”

Jamie, age 10

“My hero is my Dad because he takes care of me when my Mom goes to work at the hospital.”

Poppy, age 5

“I think the everyday heroes are the people who work in the store who stack the shelves with food.”

Luca, age 5

“My hero is my Mom because she can make all kinds of things and sometimes she climbs up ladders.”

Shanai, age 10

“My Mom will be my hero forever because she takes care of me and supports me!”

Abeiza, age 6

“My everyday heroes are doctors. They save lives and risk theirs. They help us all the time, not just when there is COVID.”

Andrea, age 8

“Mom and Dad are heroes because they take care of me and lots of very sick people. I want to be a doctor like them.”

Summer, age 6

“Miss Smith my teacher is my superhero. She is nice and she is smart."

Miles, age 5

“I think all the key workers are everyday heroes. I want to say thank you to all of them for helping everyone in the world.”