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Primark Cares Sleepwear

Before you head to bed, make sure you’re in our new pieces to help you drift off to dreamland. Bedtime should be a time where you can reflect, unplug and unwind: so start the process in our super soft sleepwear.

Wellness sleepwear image 1

After you’ve relaxed in a luxurious bubble bath, wrap yourself up in our crisp white waffle robe made from 100% sustainable cotton. If a loose tee is your go-to, then our button up shirt will leave you feeling free and comfortable. For the pyjama set obsessed we’ve got a selection of sets for all your slumber needs, from a vest and shorts duo perfect for hot holidays, to a classic button up pyjama suit. You’ll be sleeping like a baby and trust us you won’t want to get out of them! Fortunately, you can just pop on your loungewear the next day. So, whether your sleep routine begins with a bath, meditation or an end of day beauty regime, just make sure it ends with you slipping into some new Primark Cares pjs.

Wellness sleepwear image 2
Wellness sleepwear image 3
Ivory waffle robe $20
Wellness sleepwear image 4
Boyfriend Nightshirt $14
Wellness sleepwear image 5
White button through pyjama set £8/€10/$ NO US