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Puffer Power

The puffer jacket is well and truly trending again. We've seen it come and go, but the pandemic might just be earning it a permanent place in our hearts (especially since going out walking might be our only getaway).

Jodie Spragg
Jodie Spragg

The practical puffer became essential when our go-to hobby became enjoying the outdoors, fresh air and long wintery walks. Probably the most sensible outerwear pick, the duvet-like design makes a puffer jacket the ultimate in stay-warm style.

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Shied away from one in the past? Worried about looking like a marshmallow? Never fear! Now it’s officially cool to be comfy. With celebs and Insta stars singing their praises and showing us how to style them, puffer coats and jackets look like they're here to stay. Shorter puffer jackets are classic. But longer, supersized versions are trending too, giving us the cozy extra warmth we all need in the cold. Looking for versatility? Go for black or easy-to-match gray, beige or olive. But don’t be afraid to go bold with a bright color or strong print.

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