woman wearing gray tracksuit

Recover™ Leisurewear

Introducing our new partnership with innovative sustainable textile producer Recover™. Check out our Primark Cares womenswear range below

Jodie Spragg
Jodie Spragg

Working with Recover™

We’ve teamed up with Recover™ to certify and produce a collection of everyday leisurewear at the same amazing prices as always, because more responsible fashion choices should be accessible to everyone.

woman wearing gray tracksuit
Gray Joggers $14, Gray Hoodie $14

Our Recover™ Collection

All of our products labeled Recover™ are made with a minimum 15% recycled cotton: so your essential tee collection and leisurewear can be sustainable and long lasting, too. Our capsule collection features on-trend tracksuits, essential leggings and versatile athleisure pieces you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe. Look for our Recover™ labels in the store to snap up these planet-friendlier pieces.

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Black T-shirt $7, Black Leggings $7

What is Recover™?

Recover is an innovative textile producer that has been pioneering sustainable materials and recycling since 1947. The Recover system turns textile waste and leftover fabric into high quality recycled fibers that can be used to create new clothes. By joining forces, we can provide a wallet-friendly, trending collection of must-haves for all.

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How does Recover™ work?

The Recover™ process takes waste textiles and trims the fabric into small portions, then shreds it and repurposes it into the recycled recover cotton fiber which can then be used to create new clothing. Plus, the process diverts the waste from landfills and incineration, too.

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