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Restyle, Rewear, Repeat

Primark Cares. Forget doin' it for Insta, and focus on doin' it for the planet – by rewearing, restyling and repeating your fave fashion pieces.

Our clothes might be insta-worthy but we’re not fans of that one-wear mentality so reimagine your Primark purchases and make them work harder for your wardrobe. Our affordable black hoodie dress might be a laidback work from home must-have but we challenged our stylist to explore five different ways to wear it. Scroll on for the ultimate re-styling solutions…

1. The Strappy Dress

Strappy dress image

Need to up your game for a night out? Go from sleeves to straps in a sec: just pop your arm through the neck of this hoodie dress and pull it down to chest level. Then bring the sleeves over your shoulders and tuck in for faux straps!

2. The Midi Dress

Midi dress

Want something a little longer? We’ve got you covered. Pop your arms through the neckline and pull down to chest level for added length. Then wrap the sleeves around the back and tie them. Pair with chunky sneaks and you’re good to go!

3. The Asymmetric Dress


Asymmetric necklines are totally trending. Now you can transform your long sleeve dress into this hot RN style super fast, without chopping it up! Just pull one arm out of the sleeve and tuck it down into the length of the dress.

4. The Bandeau Mini

Mini dress

Take this piece from day to night fast by tucking the hood and sleeves into the neckline. Roll up the bottom for a shorter length and pair with ankle boots for nights out.

5. The Statement Top

top image

Grab your fave sustainable cotton jeans – 'cause this LBD is a dress no more... Wrap the sleeves around your chest and thread them together to secure. Voilà! A strapless top with a statement cape and hood – a true one-off!