Soft Grunge Style from $8

Give your winter wardrobe added edge with our preppy grunge must-haves. Think dark checks, chunky boots and slogan sweatshirts, then add layered chains and pops of color. Scroll to find out more...

The 90's fashion revival's still going strong. While summer saw the return of low-rise jeans and halterneck tops, winter's all about cool-girl grunge dressing. Mix in still-hot preppy pieces and what do you get? An effortlessly "rad" look to see you through the season.

Soft Grunge Style Rules

The grunge look's all about clashing prints and oversized cuts. Pick pieces in darker colors for endless mixing and matching. Our butterfly print slip dress layered over a roll neck is perfect for day. But make it work for nights out, too: just add heels.

Butterfly slip dress with black lace detail, and black chunky boots
Pink Butterfly Print Satin Slip Dress $22, Blue Nylon Backpack $14, Black Quilted Jacket $19

Wanna go grunge? The bigger the better. Our oversized slogan sweatshirts are roomy enough to fit the vibe, but grab a size bigger than usual for a baggier look. Distressed denim is key, so swap your classic skinny jeans for ripped mom or dad version from our latest collection.

How To Style A Check Shirt

Plaid shirts are synonymous with grunge style icons. Our collection's packed with dark-checked pieces that are just right. Wear the red checked overshirt over a top as an extra layer, or button it up and tuck it in. Pair with the matching skirt for preppy vibes or try it with faux leather pants and a band tee.

Red Check Shirt $18, White Long Sleeve Roll Neck Top $8, Red Check Skirt $16, Blue Satin Slip Dress $18, Black Puffer Jacket $40, Snake Print Blouse $15, Snake Print Skirt $16

Grunge Finishing Details

Play with proportions: pair a fitted piece like our flared leggings and tie-back top with a supersized padded coat or jacket. Layered chains and chunky boots are the go-tos for any grunge-inspired look. Go for lace up or Chelsea boots and add a pop of trending cobalt blue with one of our bright bags.

Blue silk top and printed flares
Blue Satin Tie Back Top, Printed Flared Leggings $12, Black Faux Leather Shirt $22
Preppy Grunge
Black Slogan Sweatshirt $18, Yellow and Black Check Midi Skirt $20