Values & Diversity

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Our core values

  • To offer the best value for money
  • To improve continuously our range of products
  • To treat customers as we want to be treated ourselves
  • To strive continuously for effectiveness
  • To respect each other
  • Ethical approaches to employment and trading
  • Environment, health and safety

Primark's Equal Opportunities policy

We encourage and develop people from all backgrounds and everyone has equal chances to progress within the company. There are no barriers to your progress within Primark. If you have the right attitude and can develop the right skills, you'll enjoy a bright, challenging career with us.

Our recruitment is based on the skills and qualifications you either have or could acquire. Once you're working for us, we'll give you the best opportunities for your continued progress in your job.

This is formalised within our Equal Opportunities policy:

Primark Stores Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the Company’s commitment to an environment of equal opportunities to both employees and potential employees.

The Company does not permit unlawful discrimination of any kind against any person on any grounds, including colour, race, creed, ethnic origin, religion, sex, marital status or disability. Unlawful discrimination is defined as treating any person less favourably than others would be treated in similar circumstances.

All the Company’s personnel policies are based on Equal Opportunities and fair treatment, ensuring the promotion and practice of equality of opportunity for all.

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