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Are you faux real?

The faux foliage trend is flowering by the minute, and our lush collection was created to match the natural hues and detailing of the real deal. Our flora comes in a range of plants and pots and is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room or desk. So, feel free to hang them, blend them in other plants, or contrast them against your home decor. Greenery without the maintenance, does it get any better!?

Faux Plant shopping feature
1. Wooden Stand Faux Plant £6 2. Yellow Potted Faux Plant £2.50. 3. Grey Potted Faux Plant £2.50 4. Hanging Terracotta Faux Plant £6 5. Wicker Faux Plant £6 6. Yellow faux plant £2.50
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Tamera Heron
Style Editor