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Diagon Alley Worthy Stationery

That’s right we’re back with more! You can never get enough of Harry Potter, so we come bearing gifts, in the form of nifty stationery and travel accessories.

If you love Hedwig as much as us, then take her on holiday with you, using the new fluffy passport covers and luggage tags. When studying or working you should still have the most fun possible, and if that means using a quill feather, or wand as a pen in a meeting, then so be it! You might as well bring in the Deathly Hallows mug or Hogwarts flask while you’re at it, after all it’s the perfect container for your Butterbeer. After your exhausting day of note taking (or scribbling) with your new stationery, commit to the theme and snuggle up in the super soft blanket decorated with chocolate frogs (and of course the cuddly Hedwig cushion) and binge watch Harry Potter into the witching hour.

harry potter stationery
Squad goals phone case £3, Harry Potter powerbank £10, Harry Potter phone ring £3, Harry shaped earphones £5, Cable £5
harry potter stationery image
3 pack notebook £2, Hogwarts notebook £3, Pencils with toppers £2, Wand pen and pencil £2.50, Mug £3, Waterbottle £7, Photoclips £2.50, Hedwig cushion £6
harry potter stationery
Hedwig passport cover £4, Hedwig phone case £4, Hedwig luggage tag £3
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