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¡Ay, Caramba!

To celebrate 30 years of laughs with The Simpson family, we have released a new collection inspired by our favourite mischievous character… the one, the only, Bart. With a neon green theme running throughout, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd just like the mischievous boy himself.

For fans of fluorescent clothing, take a peek at the black spray paint effect hoodie, and green Bart silhouette t-shirt (just so everyone knows which Simpson you relate to most). Or, if you’re a lover of jumpers, then the white Evergreen Terrace sweater will be a wardrobe fave…plus if you get lost, at least your address is on your arm ;) But wait, it gets better! The cherry (or hat) on top, is our Bart cap featuring a stitched signature of Simpsons creator, Matt Groening! So, whether you’re watching Itchy and Scratchy on TV, or skateboarding to the comic book store, you’re sure to look effortlessly cool in our new Bart range. ¡Ay, Caramba!

Simpsons 1

The Simpsons cap £8/€10/$9, The Simpsons white t-shirt £8/€10/$12

Simpsons 2

The Simpsons graffiti hoody £14/€18/$20

Simpsons 3
The Simpsons slogan t-shirt £8/€10/$12
Simpsons 4
The Simpsons long sleeve top £12/€16/$18
Simpsons 5
The Simpsons neon socks 3pk £6/€9/$10
Simpsons 6 Simpsons 7 Simpsons 8 Simpsons 9
Simpsons 10
The Simpsons neon green t-shirt £8/€10/$12
Simpsons 11 Simpsons 12
Simpsons 13
The Simpsons neon back print t-shirt £8/€10/$12
Simpsons 14 Simpsons 15 Simpsons 16 Simpsons 17 Simpsons 18
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