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Bras: The Perfect Fit

Straps, wires, hooks, fastenings… we’re not talking medieval torture, ladies, we’re talking bras. Shockingly the same vocab is apt, but – newsflash – a bra should NEVER resemble torture!

No two bodies are the same, which can make finding the perfect bra a gruelling endeavour. Never fear! Should you choose to wear one, we’ve got your back with our bewilderment-banishing bra fit guide 😃(Pssst! Look out for tips from our lingerie buyers!)

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Cup size.
We all think we know what size we are. But, if you’re 100% a 34D, what’s that gaping void of contradiction between your breasts and the bra in question? And lest we forget the ‘four-boob mishap’, which is nature's way of saying: your bra is simply too small! To this, we say: free yourself, go up a cup size, and unleash the extra boobs. Then revel in a return to simpler times, when you only had two to think about. Yipeee! What does our expert have to say about cup slip-ups?...
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Our expert says: "If the cups are too big, you'll notice gaping along the top of the cup and the back will ride up, which means you're forfeiting support and the bra's intended use."
Bra fit guide image
Our expert says: "If cups are too small, you risk seriously damaging your breast tissue. The underwire should sit under the natural curve of your breast and not dig in."

Back Fastening

Hey, we’ve got a newsflash for you: it’s NOT okay for your bra to be super uncomfortable. Whether the back is too tight or too loose, you’ve got problems. Let's find out what our lingerie buyer has to say about this...

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Our expert says: "If the back of your bra is riding up, it’s because it’s too loose. And, if there is nothing to anchor and secure the back, the cups will not be supportive either. This issue can usually be rectified by going down a back size."
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Our expert says: "If the back is too tight, you’ll notice narrowing around the wings and back. This is due to over-stretching, and can lead to increased pressure around the cups and shoulders."


Do not let loose straps plague you! It’s unnecessary and is easily remedied by simply adjusting the straps. On the other hand, straps that are too tight will dig in and who wants that?! Find the illusive Goldilocks zone of perfectly adjusted strap, with these handy tips...

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Our expert says: "The perfectly adjusted strap should allow you to comfortably place a single finger underneath it, without the need to wrestle it away from your skin."
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Our expert says: "If bra straps are too loose, they'll fall down and you’ll notice the cups gaping. Providing you're in the right size, a quick adjustment will rectify the issue."

The Perfect Fit!

Ladies, say hello to the perfect fit. Not too tight, not too loose, optimum support, and no digging. We think you'll agree, our model looks comfortable and well covered? Always remember: every aspect of a bra relies upon another, if even one part is letting you down, your bra won’t be doing its job either.

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