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The Festival Tech Kit

With last year’s memories fading fast and the need to shop for summer intensifying, it’s time to dance back through fields of music and say hello to the festival season! When packing your rucksack for a 3 day break from everyday life, we have a little treat up our Primark sleeve that’s sure to get your festival feet racing to our store.

Introducing the Festival Tech Kit - a 4-in-1 essentials pack filled with the goods you need for successful festival frivolities. Let’s take a look at what we’ve squeezed inside.

Primark festival summer 2016

The Powerbank Charger

A friend lost in the crowd, a tent-fail moment destined for Snapchat, a selfie opportunity with a fancy-dress stranger – festival scenarios ruined by the dreaded realisation of an out-of-battery phone. Well, you’re in luck, because sitting comfortably within our fully furnished Festival Tech Kit is the answer. An item that’ll stick with you 24/7 and won’t judge your 5 day strong dry shampoo game – no, not your best pal, it’s the Powerbank Charger. Charge this handy pocket piece pre-festival and you can reboot the battery on your phone throughout your stay. So long smug 1% battery warnings, we’re charged for capturing every snap-worthy moment this summer.

The Lanyard Phone Case

With a fully charged phone prepped for photo opportunities, we’re offering the perfect storage piece so you know exactly where to reach when that once-in-a-lifetime collaboration hits the stage. Our versatile lanyard is the best thing since Queen Bey’s Glastonbury performance – think safe and sturdy with it comfortably sat around your neck, or tie to a belt loop and pop it in your pocket for extra phone security, without the security member style. The best bit? The case is waterproof, so whatever the festival weather throws your way (from the fine rain that soaks you right through, to legit hurricane), you can still be tweeting the best bits to all your jealous pals back home.

The Multi-end Charging Cable

Though festival packing usually means keeping it light, there are some gadgets you simply can’t head outdoors without. For every piece of tech that squeezes it’s way into your rucksack, you can guarantee it will need a charger. We hate sacrificing space and adding weight to our luggage, that’s why, sitting proudly within the tech kit, is our multi-end charging cable – the dream for tech-savvy festival-goers shrieking at the prospect of leaving gadgets at home.  The cable offers a range of device ports to charge up your choice of tech bits and bobs, making every memorable moment that little bit better.

The Poncho

We’ve really saved the best ‘til last, with a perfect piece that proves its worth year after year. The poncho is a festival-goers best friend. No lugging hefty waterproofs through the crowds, risking damage to your fave camping coat or feeling the heat in an oversized anorak. This simple piece of fashion engineering is compact and a real classic – allowing you to join in on festival antics come rain or shine (most likely the former). This waterproof wonder won’t hold you back from cutting shapes in the crowd, and the clear material ensures it will barely distract from the festival-fab outfit you’re wearing underneath! 

Primark festival summer 2016 Festival Tech Kit £10

With our Festival Tech Kit, every eventuality is taken care of, so the only thing left to tick off your checklist is having the best festival season yet, wherever you’re heading. Purchase your kit and get it packed; we’re ready to listen to our fave bands with our closest friends – festival fields, we’re coming for you!



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