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Primark mothers day 2017

27 Things All Mums Do...

Sons and daughters, it’s that time again – time to bow down to the sweet ladies who brought us into this earth.You got it, Mother’s Day. No matter what your age may be, Mother’s Day is a time to say thanks a lot to the mumma bears out there. So, in homage to our best friends (what no she’s not?...), mums, here’s 27 things we bet yours does too. 

Primark mothers day 2017

1.     Always opens her phone on front cam

Then takes accidental selfie and sends to your ex

2.     Always knows the answer to ‘how long should I microwave this for?’

3.     Understands whether beige clothing should go in the dark or light wash

What if it’s taupe? Or caramel? Or greige? HELP ME MOTHER

4.     Hears a song on the radio, buys whole album, plays it in the car for the next two years

Favourite band ruined forever

5.     Used to cut off your crusts…

And still does

6.     Knows just how you like your tea

Tries adding sweetener instead of sugar – nar huh, back that teaspoon up

7. Texts with her index finer

Probs has a flip case too

8. Texts with inaccurate emojis

Aww sweetheart, you'll get over him 😂

9.     Insists you take off your coat indoors to ‘feel the benefit’

10.  Plans the fridge for your arrival

True love right there

11.     Will never have an empty toilet roll holder

She got your back, you relax

12.     Shrinks your fave clothes on the regular but has a sinister hold over yoU

The dreaded words ‘fine, do the washing yourself then’ ABORT, ABORT

13.     Responds to your ‘I’m SooOooOo hungry’ hint with ‘eat some fruit’

Damn you mother and your swift practicality

14.     Always has ugly ‘practical’ shoes at the back door for taking the bins out

Mangled rubber sandals or 7-year-old slippers, always

15.     Carries a real-life Mary Poppins bag with all crisis solutions packed inside

Blister plasters, assorted snacks, sewing kit, birth certificate…

Primark mothers day 2017
Primark mothers day 2017

16.     Still uses sponge applicators to apply eyeshadow

Come on mother, get in on that silky brush action

17.     Has her fave pop song as a ringtone

18.     Still holds all family passports at the airport

Yep, we’re heading away for your 33rd bday, but you still gotta hand that passport over

19.     Shouts up the stairs, you can’t hear, shouts again, you still can’t hear, shouts again, you still can’t hear, shouts again, you still can’t hear

We’ve learnt to respond with a generic muffled sound, 50/50 chance you’ll keep her happy “phrushaejmd”/”okay sweetie” legit who knows what you’ve just agreed to

20.  No, dinner’s not ready mum, why you lie?

21.     Comments on everything ever posted on your Facebook

  Oh and looks right back to two years ago to catch up on everything she missed prior to her technological education and comments on that too - ‘Gorgeous. Mum xx’

22.     Is the ultimate passenger seat driver

  Too fast, too slow, turn left, turn it down, ooh what’s this song again? Turn it UP (*plans to buy album*)

23.     Heads to the supermarket to grab ‘a couple of things’, leaves with the kitchen sink

24.     Has asked you to watch Dirty Dancing with her every day since your 4th birthday

  “But you’ll lovvvve it”

25.     Causes an ongoing struggle of mum interfering vs. her undeniable and incredible knowledge of absolutely everything

26.     Call me. Right now.


27.     Is a real-life actual mind-reader

Yes, I went shopping, yes I’ve stolen your charger, no 13 year old me so did not know that moisturiser had gradual tan in... HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS WOMAN?!

Primark mothers day 2017

Let’s face it, mums are the real MVPs. In case you’d like to give a little something to mums/moms/mummies/m-dawgs this Mother’s Day (aside from your presence, which is obvs more than enough), we’ve got the perfect treats in store. From beaut rose candles to tea-rrific mugs, these babies are sure to keep her sweet (just maybe don’t show her this feature, k?).



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Primark mothers day 2017


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