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5 Cosy Christmas Gift Ideas

We all know at least one perpetual pyjama princess: The girl who never wears the same set twice, and whose #SundayChill Instagram game is almost too on-point to handle. Whether she’s your Secret Santa, sister from another mister, or your BFF, get her some mega VIPs (very important pyjamas) this Christmas, and we guarantee she’ll love you forever. And if you’re the nightwear nut in your babein’ battalion, hit them social buttons to share your fave pieces, and give your nearest and dearest a little hint...

True cosy connoisseurs will tell you straight: there is no such thing as too many pyjamas and there is never a bad time to replenish their slumber-ready stash. So if you can’t keep ‘em coming all year round, go wild at Christmas with a sleepwear selection to sleigh – sorry, slay – all others.

Queen of Checks

If your girl is a dedicated downtime diva, she’ll coordinate her look to suit occasions. Case in point: these chic-yet-festive, traditional, tartan beauties, which practically scream “Christmas morning”. If you’re looking for extra Xmas pressie kudos, you'll win hands-down if you gift her something she’ll want to unwrap and wear immediately!

Primark Nightwear And Lingerie Gift Guide Nightshirt £8, shorts £4, trousers £5

Bralette Babe

WE KNOW: These gorge bralette sets are not PJs, by any stretch of the imagination, but they are extremely comfortable alternatives to classic cupped bras – no underwire, no clasps, and zero padding. If you and your girl gang got into secret Santa this season, we’ve found you a gift that’ll give you muchos money back from a £10 / €10! You can thank us later, just don’t forget to mention us to Santa, yeah?

Primark Nightwear And Lingerie Gift Guide Burgundy bralette set £5, pink bralette set £4, khaki bralette set £4

Full of Character

From Disney divas to Harry Potter honeys, nearly every #squad boasts at least one Hogwarts fan and a Disney devotee. Please those movie mavens infinitely, with PJs adorned with their fave fictitious friends, starting at prices you won’t need a fairytale budget for. Best of all, these sets come in a neat presentation box that’s easier to wrap than the Fresh Prince theme tune (#SorryNotSorry).

Primark Nightwear And Lingerie Gift Guide Boxed pyjama gift sets from £13

Fluffy Fanatic

What’s better than a gift you know she’ll love? How about a gift you’ll love too? Drop one of these bad boys under the tree and get set for the cosiest. Cuddles. EVER. Better still, buy one for yourself and return the world’s fluffiest hug! Win-win.

Primark Nightwear And Lingerie Gift Guide Fluffy sweatshirts £9 each

A Sucker for Socks

If #classic is your MO when it comes to Christmas gifting, you can’t get anymore classic than a good old pair o’ socks. Personally, we don’t buy them for ourselves enough, so tootsie blankets are always welcome here! Great for bulking out the stockings and serving as a little extra Chrimbo treat, cosy socks are always a bang-on choice.

Primark Nightwear And Lingerie Gift Guide Socks from £2.50

We know you’re expecting it, so we’re just going to say it: now you have Christmas ‘all wrapped up’… But for reals, we think we’ve got you covered, right? If you’re still hunting for presents (umm, Earth to Santa: where you at??) we’ve got even more gift guides for endless festive inspo, and a tonne of PJs, coming your way…

Primark Womenswear Accessories Gift Guide


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