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We source globally

We work with expert suppliers

Like most retailers, we don’t own the factories that make our products. Instead, we work with around 700 suppliers - from China, India & Bangladesh, to Turkey and Eastern Europe. Most of the factories that make our products make for other retailers and even some luxury brands!

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Every single factory is inspected

We take worker welfare seriously

We have a strict Code of Conduct that meets international standards. Suppliers must follow this Code to ensure products are made in good working conditions, and the people making them are treated well and paid a fair wage. Every factory is carefully inspected against the Code before we place an order with a supplier.

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We don't cut and run

We believe in working with our suppliers to help them improve

We work with our suppliers to address any issues we find. We have a large team of experts based in the regions we source from. They are our eyes and ears on the ground, and are in the factories every day, working with our suppliers.

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