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Central Perk

Oh.. my… god…! The UK’s first Central Perk Café, located in our amazing Manchester store has arrived, and it’s launched perfectly in time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our fave hit show. Friends taught us that the best memories are made over coffee with your pals, and now you have the perfect setting! Although Phoebe won’t be perched on a stool belting out Smelly Cat, you will have the chance to snap a pic on the sofa. Plus, our New York inspired menu will leave you as satisfied as Joey after a Pizza for 2. So, pull up a chair, grab your friends, and take a sip of our ethically sourced coffee beans, which are also served in compostable cups as part of our Primark cares initiative! An amazing café, for our amazing Primark friends, - we’re there for you 😉

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