Home interiors shot with cushions, rattan and faux plants

Create Your Haven At Home

Achieve a retreat-worthy aesthetic on a budget with our latest collection of homewares inspired by destinations across the globe.

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Bex Gillam

Though it’s not always easy, the importance of being able to find calm in our living spaces has become crystal clear this last year, during times of confinement but also to provide a haven when things get hectic. Size and fellow occupants can have a serious impact, but there’s always a way to carve out a zone for your moments of zen, whether that’s in a seating area, bedroom or bathroom.

Our latest homeware collection has all you need to achieve that laidback Bohemian look on an affordable budget, with beautiful baskets, linens and ceramics that will give the feel of eclectic yet relaxing exoticism.

Update Your Living Space

Living area with hanging wall canvas, ornaments and photo frame
Safari Hanging Wall Canvas £3.50, Glass Jar Tassel Candle £6, Trio of Elephant Ornaments £6, Palm Print Photo Frame £3.50

Transform a simple seating area with a collection of cushions, adding texture and depth with prints, waffle knit and abstract shapes in muted hues. Especially in smaller spaces, make sure accessories are multi-functional. Jute vases and speckle glaze pots can hold plants (go faux if you don’t need another thing on your to-do list) and contribute to the sense of serenity, while seagrass storage baskets add character without clutter. Plus they’re saviours for providing homes for that miscellaneous stuff.

Zen For Your ZZZ’s

Interiors image with bedroom and room diffusers
Tapestry Print Double Duvet Set £20, Incense Stick Set £2.50 each

The most important place to be able to relax is the bedroom and, depending on the size of your home, it might be the only one. Aim to make it hotel-level appealing, with printed bedding in serene rose, azure and sepia shades, comfy cushions, and an amber glass candle on your bedside table that can help you unwind after a demanding day. Make late night water trips a thing of the past with our retreat-worthy seagrass and glass carafe and tumbler set.

A Bathroom Spa

Interiors image with bedroom and bathroom
Woven Collapsible Basket £8, Soap Dispenser £4, Soap Dish £3, Bathroom Tumbler £3, Bathroom Tray £6, Bathroom Lidded Jar £6, Pink Palm Print Double Duvet Set £20

Another key space is the bathroom, which can be made more tranquil in a few simple steps. Clever storage solutions can ensure minimal mess is visible while adding to the ambiance. Our marble or pearl effect accessories keep sides clear and hanging baskets can hide products out of view. Complete the decor with a Moroccan-inspired tealight burner and plant pot.

Tabletop Decor

Interiors image with jar candles
Jar Candles £1.50 each

Add to the sense of sanctuary in the home with our Mood Collection scents, with incense, candles and room sprays on our intricate gold tray or lantern- style tea light burner. Continuing the theme, blue and white is a serene theme for a tablescape, with gradient glaze bowls, geometric print table clothes and crystal slice coasters that transport you to a retreat.

Interiors image with planters
Double Hanging Woven Planters £8