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Looking Glam From The Waist Up

I love sporting loungewear and a bare face now and again, but sometimes I want to look and feel a bit more glamourous when i'm working. So, considering our colleagues only see us from the waist up at the moment, I decided to try a variety of ways to look and feel work ready on top. My trackies and slippers however, stayed firmly put and out of sight.

Five Easy Ways To Glam Up Your Isolation Look


1. A Red Lip

Every girl knows a red lip goes a long way! I love deep burgundy for daytime, so I opted for my favourite lipstick from our SS19 collection with Miss Gloria. Plus, the fact the packing says ‘Powerful Woman’ always helps me feel pumped for the day ahead! When I’m not in a lippy mood, a gloss is my go-to, they say lip-gloss is making a coming back straight from the noughties, but if I’m honest it never left my collection.

2. Earrings

Who else is an earring fanatic? Being at home has provided me with the time to sort through my many pots of jewellery, so I've been making my way through my favourite items. Earrings will be the most visible pieces of jewellery when you’re on camera and are ideal for distracting from that messy bun 😉. Why not try to mix and matching your favourite jewellery and perfect the stacked earring look on camera? Don’t be afraid to go big, I’m talking hoops, tassels and gems.

3. Eyebrows

Once we are back to ‘normal’ I will be running to my eyebrow lady. But in the meantime, I’m tackling these brows alone, after all your eyebrows help to frame your face! So, considering my face will be in the centre of people’s screens, I tried some of our salon beauty hacks and spent time grooming them so i'm camera ready at all times.

4. A Cute Neckline

It’s easy to get swallowed up by big fluffy jumpers and old random tees, so this week I popped on a ‘fancier’ neckline. I went for a V-neck cut out jumper, which has the benefit of being super comfy whilst automatically making me look and feel more stylish. Plus, with the weather warming up cut out jumpers will help you to stay cool and comfy throughout the day!

5. A DIY Hairdo

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair and whilst social distancing it hasn’t been my top priority. So, to show my locks some love I’ve been wrapping my hair in colourful scarves during the day. Not only can I show off my newly groomed brows but it's an easy way to move my hair away from my face too - a win-win! But, if you’re not a fan of an updo then use bedazzled hair clips and colourful slides to pin it to the side and add a splash of colour to your day.

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