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Men’s Performance Wear

Become the best version of your fitness self with our latest Primark Cares performance wear range starting from just £4. Getting fit has never seemed so appealing, right?

Tamera author
Tamera Heron

Let’s be honest a new gym wardrobe always helps with motivation when it comes to exercising. All you need is a few staple pieces to help get you meet your fitness goals, and we’re here to lend a hand. Whether you’re sticking to home workouts, evening runs or you’re heading to the gym, your dream kit is ready and waiting at Primark. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials, yep even the trainers – cool right?

Get Workout Ready

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Black Short Sleeved T-Shirt £4, Black Legging £8

Choose between our streamline exercise leggings or double layered shorts depending on what you feel more comfortable in! We’ve also got long-sleeved tees with hoods and zip-up fastenings, so you can layer when necessary. We are loving the pop of orange in our collection this season, it’s the perfect addition for those of you who want to add some colour to your staple greys and black. Don’t forget to pick up our famous Primark socks to go with our variety of supportive trainers, so you can find the right fit for your feet and routine.

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Grey Trainers £16
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Orange T-Shirt £4
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Grey Tracksuit Joggers £12, Grey Tracksuit Hoodie £14, White Trainers £16
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Grey Long-sleeved Zip-Up Top £10
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